Access Control System

No Keys Needed

Cabling Systems, Inc. offers a cloud-based access control system for small businesses with one door to businesses with hundreds of doors in multiple locations.

An access control system saves you time, money, and frustration by eliminating the use of keys.  It allows employees to access doors by using their smartphone or by using a key fob.

It’s so easy to lock, unlock, and buzz open doors from anywhere using the mobile app or website. This is convenient if you need to provide temporary access to someone delivering a package—you simply buzz open the door.

The access control system enables you to make changes in real time.  You can add a new employee or delete an employee that is no longer employed within seconds from either the mobile app or the website.

Our access control system integrates with multiple products and features that are used in unison.  For example, we can program an alarm to send notifications when certain doors are accessed so that your operations are even more secure. Cabling Systems is a licensed service provider of technology and monitoring services.

Contact Cabling Systems, Inc. to enjoy the convenience and security of an access control system for your business.